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Resource One is pleased to take on the Tomcat line of cleaning equipment. Tomcat ( has been a leading provider of floor care equipment for over 50 years. 100% of all parts are made in the USA, separating Tomcat from it’s competitors in terms of durability and quality craftsmanship.

Tomcat’s new edge technology allows Resource One’s customers to strip floors of finish quicker and safer. Floor care just became simpler, enabling faster training and quicker turnaround on floors. See our video to see a demonstration or ask for a demonstration from your local representative.

Resource One has been servicing facilities in Florida with the latest technology to help create safer, cleaner work and play spaces, for over 40 years. With locations in Ocala and Sarasota Florida, and an in house fleet of delivery vehicles, Resource One is able to service most of the state of Florida. In house equipment repair, mobile laundry and ware wash technicians and sales consultants help make Resource One Inc a leading provider of facility solutions in Florida.

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Great products ... Great prices ... Great staff. Everything I was looking for in a cleaning supply company.
Sean, Diversified Solutions of West Florida

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